Adeline | Class of 2016 Senior Portraits

Hydrangea Blu Barn in Rockford, MI

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Location: Hydrangea Blu Barn, Rockford, MI

Hair + Makeup: Allison Bower

Senior: Adeline, Rockford High School Class of 2016

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Class of 2016 Senior Portraits

Now seeking senior models!

grand rapids senior portrait photographer

If there’s one thing other than weddings we love to photograph, it’s senior pictures! They give us a chance to slow down the pace and focus on just the senior without the (beautiful) distractions and time constraints of a wedding day. It’s because of this that we are carving out some time in our busy spring through fall season to devote strictly to senior portraits and we couldn’t be more excited!

We need YOU, high school senior Class of 2016, to help us get the word out and we’re ready to compensate you handsomely for your time! We are in search of senior models to showcase and to share their senior pictures with the rest of their senior class. Intrigued? Here are the details:

Free 2 hr senior session in the Grand Rapids area ($350+ value)
Up to 3 outfits and 2 locations
Professional hair and makeup
35 proofs to select from
5 retouched, watermarked images to share on social media sites
*formal studio yearbook picture not included
$25 credit towards prints/digital files for each referral up to 5 referrals
$50 credit towards prints/digital files each referral between 5-10 referrals
FREE digital files ($500) value for over 10 referrals
*Referrals sessions must be booked and paid in full to receive credit
Be a senior in 2016 at a Grand Rapids or surrounding area high school
Be outgoing, confident, and have a positive attitude
Share their images on social media sites and spread via word of mouth (parents can help with this too!)
Have a boho (think Anthropologie), classic (think JCrew), or boutique (think Lee+Birch, Gina’s, Jade, Paperdoll, etc) style
Other requirements:
*Parent must sign photography agreement including model release
*Session must be completed in Spring 2015 before May 15
* Must “like” The Jon Hartman Photography Co. on facebook (this allows us to tag you in pictures)


Please contact us or email for more information or to apply. Receive 20% your senior portrait session just for applying! Don’t delay…we will be limiting the amount of models we accept. We can’t wait to hear from you, and an early CONGRATS to the Class of 2016!


High School Senior Class of 2015

high school senior Grand Rapids Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0002 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0003 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0004 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0005 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0006 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0007 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0008 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0009 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0010 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0011 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0012 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0013 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0014 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0015 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0016 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0017 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0018 Grand Rapids senior portrait photographer_0019 hair and makeup by Erin at Salon Citrene 


Grandville High School Senior class of 2014

grand rapids wedding photographer_0003.jpggrand rapids wedding photographer_0002.jpg

grand rapids wedding photographer_0004.jpggrand rapids wedding photographer_0012.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0005.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0006.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0007.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0013.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0009.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0010.jpggrand rapids wedding photographer_0008.jpg
grand rapids wedding photographer_0011.jpg


west catholic class of 2014 senior portraits

There’s nothing to make you feel old like taking senior pictures for someone you knew before they were born. At times while photographing this gorgeous gal, I saw glimpses of her as that little tike… and at times she was so grown up and beautiful she was unrecognizable. Knowing her four older siblings as I do, I’m well aware of what big shoes she’s got to fill. But it’s that same knowing that leaves me no doubt that she’s going to knock it out of the park.

Congratulations Rachael! Now get out there and take on the world!

senior pictures grand rapids_0016.jpg
west catholic senior pictures_0017.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0018.jpg
grand rapids senior portraits_0019.jpg
high school senior portraits_0020.jpg
high school senior portraits_0021.jpg

senior photography grand rapids_0023.jpg
high school senior portraits grand rapids_0024.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0025.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0026.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0027.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0028.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0029.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0030.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0031.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0032.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0033.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0034.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0035.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0036.jpg
senior portrait photographer grand rapids_0037.jpg

Alexa. Senior Portraits // Grand Haven Class of 2014.

What fun it was meeting up with the lovely Alexa in her hometown of Grand Haven, MI (during Coast Guard Festival no less!) and having her show us us around during her senior portraits! We totally felt like we were getting the “insider” tour. If senior girls are as easy going and friendly as this girl, we’d go back to high school in a heartbeat. Here is such a glimpse into her senior session. Congrats Alexa!

grand haven senior portraits_0001.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0002.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0003.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0004.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0005.jpg
grand haven senior pictures_0006.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0007.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0008.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0009.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0010.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0011.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0012.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0013.jpg
grand rapids senior pictures_0014.jpg

Hair and makeup by Erin at Jeffrey Richard Salon.

We still have a few senior slots available! Contact us for details and check us out on facebook to see our most recent senior sessions.